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Glen G. Rasmussen B.Sc., D.C.

  840 Gloucester St.N.  Cornwall ON K6H3Y3

Gloucester is a one way approach from 8th St. second house from 9th on left.   




This cooperative Healthcare business relationship offers the best of Chiropractic Care, Therapy & Rehabilitation services.  Dr. Glen Rasmussen  “Doctorrazz”  and his staff offer the Cornwall Region consumer a one stop Clinic for all your Sports Injury and Rehabilitative needs.

Dr. Razz began his career in his hometown of Cornwall Ontario Canada. Even before graduation 8TI, Dr. Razz was involved in teaching his fellow Chiropractors, and has held countless seminars over 38 years at numerous Colleges of Chiropractic.  He has treated thousands of amateur and professional athletes, and was the US Olympic Bobsled  Chiropractor from 1989 thru 1991.  He operated the Lake Placid Chiropractic & Sports Medicine Clinic from 1989 until 1997. He has operated satellite clinics in Malone NY and Massena NY until his recent move south in 2006. He has just moved home Dec 2012 to take care of his aging Mom and practice once again in the Seaway City.

Dr. Razz is a trained orthotist, and has represented Foot Dynamics Orthotic Laboratories at many Sports Medicine Seminars. He has personally molded Thousands of Orthotic devices. These devices are often key ingredients in the repair and rehabilitation of many motor disorders. His skills and modalities, along with the allied healthcare services of their staff make their services second to none in United Counties. 



National University of Health Sciences and its related colleges hold that the practice of the alternative and complementary healing arts and sciences including chiropractic medicine, must embrace the whole person, with emphasis upon conservative health care, which facilitates the inherent potential of the human organism to develop and maintain a state of self-regulation and to invoke self-healing processes with minimal therapeutic risk at reasonable cost. We recognize a diversity of factors that impact upon human physiology, among which are biomechanical dysfunction, altered energy patterns, genetics, trauma, hygiene, microorganisms, nutritional status, exercise, motion, posture, environment, stress, emotion, and human relationships.


Chiropractic practice embodies:


·     Embodies the recognition of those aspects of human health and disease detailed above under the heading, Profile of the Practice of Chiropractic Medicine;


·     Primary care of patients based upon diagnostic evaluation including patient history, physical examination, clinical laboratory data, diagnostic imaging, and other special diagnostic measures, as well as those procedures which are unique to the chiropractic evaluation of human spinal and structural balance and integrity;


·     As a central component of practice, the application of a diversity of spinal and other adjustments and manipulations for the treatment, correction, and prevention of neurologic, skeletal or soft tissue dysfunction and the production of beneficial neurologic effects;


·     The use of other conservative means including, but not limited to; nutritional counseling, physiologic therapeutics, meridian therapy/acupuncture, trigger point therapy, life style counseling, emotional support, and stress management.


The doctor of chiropractic medicine is a primary care, first contact physician who practices within the legal scope of licensure, emphasizes the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, recognizes the need for other forms of treatment when indicated, and who, therefore, interacts fully with other members of the health care delivery team, always in the best interest of the patient.